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Are Boutique Hotels in Paris Right for Your Trip?

24 July 2014 Filed Under: Tips opera district paris

When you’re paying thousands of dollars to visit Paris, you want your trip to be absolutely perfect. You want to relax, have fun and see all that the “City of Light” has to offer. A crucial part of happens great trip is picking the right hotel. Choose the right one, and you’ll have the Parisian…

Chain Hotels vs. Boutique Hotels in Paris: What’s Best?

3 April 2014 Filed Under: Tips Nice hotels in Paris

When looking for accommodations in Paris, many travelers look to chain hotels and motels first. They think it will be cheaper, easier to book and, all in all, a better fit for their trip. However, these assumptions are rarely accurate. In truth, boutique hotels in Paris are usually better on all accounts. They offer more…