4-star hotels in Paris

4 Star Hotels in Paris Don’t Have to Bust Your Budget

17 July 2014 Filed Under: Why Hôtel Astor?

You may imagine that 4 star hotels in Paris are far too expensive to consider. Luckily, no matter what your budget is, you and your travel companions can book a 4 star luxury hotel – you just have to put in a little extra effort. If you’re looking for 4 star hotels in Paris for…

How to Compare 4-Star Hotels in Paris

14 April 2014 Filed Under: Tips boutique hotel in Paris

If you want great accommodations for an affordable price, 4-star hotels in Paris are the way to go. With 4-star hotels, you get top-notch service, amazing amenities and a price tag that virtually any budget can handle. Not sure how to decide which 4-star hotels in Paris are right for your upcoming trip? Here are…