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Staying at Paris Hotels Near the Eiffel Tower? 5 Historic Sites to Visit

14 August 2014 Filed Under: News @en

Staying in Paris hotels near the Eiffel Tower can give you unfettered access to the city’s most iconic structure, but your opportunities for sightseeing and historic appreciation don’t stop there. In fact, these hotels also put you in extremely close proximity to some of the country’s oldest and most renowned sights and buildings. If you’re…

How Hotel Astor Stands Out Among Other Paris Boutique Hotels

19 June 2014 Filed Under: News @en

Many people who visit Paris opt to stay in boutique hotels as opposed to big name, corporate hotel chains. Paris boutique hotels are generally privately-owned, smaller, and they simply offer a more luxurious and authentic French experience when compared to other accommodation options. They also tend to offer better customer service and on-site dining options….

Paris’ Best Hotels: Why Hotel Astor is One of Them

17 March 2014 Filed Under: News @en,Tips

If you’re planning a trip to Paris, forget staying in cheap hostels or motel chains. To get the true Parisian experience, stay in one of the city’s most iconic and historic hotels: The Hotel Astor Saint-Honoré. Built more than a century ago, Hotel Astor is one of , with beautiful architecture, a distinguished on-site restaurant and…

Staying in a Hotel Near Champs Élysées? Your Local Sightseeing Guide

13 March 2014 Filed Under: News @en,Tips

The Avenue des Champs-Élysées is one of the most well known streets in the world. It’s full of shops, restaurants, museums and, most importantly, ample sightseeing opportunities. If you’re looking to see all the history and beauty that Paris has to offer, a hotel near Champs Élysées can help you do it. From a hotel…

Why Choose a Hotel in the Paris 8th District?

10 March 2014 Filed Under: News @en,Tips

Also known as the 8th arrondissement, Paris’ 8th District is the place to see and be seen in France. It boasts all the best restaurants and cafes, offers a plethora of sightseeing and cultural opportunities, and is simply a beautiful and historic area unlike any other. If you’re planning an upcoming trip to Paris, then…

How to Book a Hotel in Paris without Breaking the Bank

6 March 2014 Filed Under: News @en,Tips

Traveling to France can get expensive; you have to allot funds for plane tickets, food and drink, and most importantly, lodging while you’re there. Unfortunately, many times the lodging is the most expensive part – especially if you want to stay in a 3- or 4-star hotel. Luckily, we can help. Just follow these budget-friendly…