Looking to Shop? Consider Hotels in Fashion District Paris

7 April 2014 Filed Under: Tips

If you love to shop, Paris is the perfect vacation destination for you. A veritable shopping mecca, Paris is home to some of the most well-known stores and renowned brands in the entire world. To make the most of all the amazing shopping opportunities the City of Light has to offer, consider staying in the heart of the Fashion District. Paris’ Fashion District includes the country’s biggest and most popular shopping hubs, namely Printemps and the Galeries Lafayette. The Fashion District is also located in the artsy Left Bank area of Paris, which is home to all manner of restaurants, museums, attractions and other delightful sightseeing opportunities to take in while you’re here.

Printemps is the ultimate Parisian department store. First opened in 1865, the store is a one-stop shop for almost anything you could think to buy. Nestled in the heart of the Paris Fashion District, it boasts three unique buildings, each dedicated to a different type of shopper. There’s Printemps Mode, which is exclusively devoted to women’s clothing, accessories, purses, jewelry and more. The store offers all the high-end names, such as Chanel, Prada and Vuitton, as well as a collection of more affordable, mid-range brands to fit any budget.

At Printemps Homme, you’ll find a comprehensive selection of men’s clothing and accessories, including classic designer brands like Armani and Hugo Boss. Next door, you’ll find Printemps Beauty & Home, where you can shop for beauty and spa products, furniture, gourmet food and more.

Printemps is by no means your typical department store. Just a few of the additional services they offer include personal shopping, a full-service concierge and delivery to your home or hotel. Printemps even features seven eateries, ranging from casual to fine dining, to satisfy your hunger after a long day of shopping. In addition to the traditional Brasserie Printemps café, the stores also boast a bakery, a macaron (macaroons) shop, a rooftop café, a cafe for lighter fare, a sushi bar and an English-style pub.

Galeries Lafayette
The Galeries Lafayette is an upscale Parisan department store located just down the street from Printemps, in the center of Fashion District Paris. It first opened its doors over a century ago, and has been a staple of Parisian shopping ever since. The store features a soaring Art Nouveau-style facade, and features an iconic stained glass dome, giving it the nickname “Magasin Coupole,” or “domed store.”

The Galeries Lafayette, like Printemps, is spread out over three buildings. The main building, Lafayette Coupole, holds 9 full floors of shopping fun. There’s a wide selection of women’s designer clothing, jewelry, accessories, books, music, makeup, perfume and even electronics. The store also features a rooftop café where you can relax, grab a bite to eat and take in a 360-degree view of the city below.

Next door is Lafayette Homme, which offers men’s clothing and accessories, as well as Lafayette Gourmet, a renowned gourmet food shop. It connects to the Lafayette Coupole via a covered walkway. Across the street is Lafayette Maison, which features a selection of furniture and home décor.

The Galeries Lafayette also hosts weekly fashion shows in the Coupole building, giving shoppers a glimpse at the latest trends and styles. There is also a wedding boutique located within the Coupole building, where you can find wedding attire and items for your ceremony or reception.

Ready to Shop in Paris?
If you’re looking to shop in the City of Light, then Fashion District Paris is the place to be! Book with Hotel Astor Saint Honoré for your Parisian getaway. Located just a short walk from the Fashion District, Paris’ finest boutiques and shops are only minutes away. We’re close to Printemps, the Galeries Lafayette, as well as some of Paris’ most legendary sightseeing spots, such as the Arc de Triomphe and the Élysée Palace. Contact us to book your trip today!

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