June, 2014

How to Find Hotels in Paris on a Budget

30 June 2014 Filed Under: Tips

Having a tight budget doesn’t necessarily mean a great Paris trip is out of reach. In fact, as long as you can find ways to cut costs on accommodations, you can actually enjoy a pretty affordable trip – one that won’t break the bank or blow your whole budget. Do you want to visit Paris,…

4 Reasons to Consider Paris Boutique Hotels

30 June 2014 Filed Under: Tips

There are a lot of options to choose from when it comes to booking a hotel in Paris. You could stay in a luxury hotel, but that could cost you your whole budget. You could opt for a budget or chain motel, which might not have the Parisian charm you’re looking for. You could even…

Your Guide to the Galeries Lafayette

26 June 2014 Filed Under: Tips

The Galeries Lafayette is one of the most popular and chic shopping centers in Paris. With three separate buildings and 19 total floors, the Galeries offer a multitude of options for browsing, dining and of course, shopping. If you’re planning a trip to Paris in the near future, be sure to explore the Galeries Lafayette…

Why Choose Hotels in Paris’ City Centre?

23 June 2014 Filed Under: Why Hôtel Astor?

Hotels in Paris’ City Centre are a great choice for both first-time and experienced Paris visitors. They’re perfect for business trips, family vacations, romantic getaways, and just about any other trip you could think. Thanks to their convenient location, virtually anything you want to see or do in Paris is only a quick walk or…

How Hotel Astor Stands Out Among Other Paris Boutique Hotels

19 June 2014 Filed Under: News @en

Many people who visit Paris opt to stay in boutique hotels as opposed to big name, corporate hotel chains. Paris boutique hotels are generally privately-owned, smaller, and they simply offer a more luxurious and authentic French experience when compared to other accommodation options. They also tend to offer better customer service and on-site dining options….

4 Things to Consider When Reading Paris Hotel Reviews

16 June 2014 Filed Under: Tips Paris' 8th district

Looking at Paris hotel reviews is a great way to make sure you book the absolute best accommodations for your trip. They can give you insight into what a hotel looks like, how its staff treats guests, and the overall experience you can expect if you stay there. These reviews can be extremely helpful when…

Paris Hotels: Left Bank vs. Right Bank

12 June 2014 Filed Under: Tips

As you may know, the Seine River runs through the heart of Paris, dividing it into two distinct halves. On one side, you have the Left Bank – a smaller, artsy area that was once home to greats like Henri Matisse and Ernest Hemingway. On the other side, you have the Right Bank, an upscale…

Hotels a Paris: Why Saint Honoré Should Top Your List

9 June 2014 Filed Under: Why Hôtel Astor?

Looking for hotels in Paris, or hotels a Paris, as the French say? Then you may already be overwhelmed by the options. There are so many places to look: the Left Bank, the Right Bank, the 8th district, the Eiffel Tower area, the Champs-Élysées, and so many more charming and elegant neighborhoods to choose from….

Last Minute Hotels in Paris: How to Book Your Accommodations Fast

5 June 2014 Filed Under: Tips,Why Hôtel Astor? opera district paris

Finding last minute hotels in Paris for your French vacation can be a difficult task to take on. Since Paris is such a popular tourist attraction, hotel rooms tend to get snatched up very quickly –usually months in advance. That means that if you’re making last minute plans to visit Paris, you’re going to have…

Paris Hotels Near the Eiffel Tower: More than Just Sightseeing

2 June 2014 Filed Under: Why Hôtel Astor?

Though the historic sites and landmarks of Paris are beautiful and fascinating, the city has so much more to offer, especially when you stay in a hotel near the Eiffel Tower. Paris hotels near the Eiffel Tower benefit from being in the heart of the city, and they offer access to just about anything you…